DerzhavtotransNDIproekt, State Road Transport Research and Design Institute

  • Address:
    57, Peremohy Ave., c. Kyiv, 03113, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 455-67-76, 455-67-91, 456-30-30
Director - Anatoliy M.Redziuk

The Institute's specialists provide consultation services;study passenger traffic
capacity;conduct contests on passenger transportation;train road transport workers
in labour protection and technogenic security,test and re equip road transport;
work out design documentation for construction of road transport infrastructures.
DERZHAVTOTRANSNDIPROEKT certifies automobiles,buses,trailers,spare parts,
quality systems and road transportation services,as well as gives international
marking to domestic manufacturers of road transport.
We are the only to provide you with thorough information on regulation of road
transport activities in Ukraine.