Donets, Central Design Machinery Bureau

  • Address:
    145 ж, Zveineka St., c. Lugansk, 91033, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0642) 71-74-47, 71-89-28, 71-95-99
Director - Viktor M.Halay

Sphere of business:
- synthesis of compound semiconductors;
- design of equipment for production of silicon monocrystal,sapphire (including profile
one),silicon carbide,А3B5 and А2B6 compounds as well as optical,alkali haloid,
water soluble and other monocrystals;
- design of equipment for epitaxial production of semiconductor materials layers;
design of equipment for dielectric and isolating surface slicing;
- manufacture of machines for ingot cutting in plates,grinding and polishing of plates