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General Director - Alexander Shuguruk

"Kreoma-Pharm" CJSC is a company designing and producing new medicines of sorption and detoxication effect.

The problem of inventing an efficient and harmless medicine for body detoxication has been urgent for scientists in different countries. Over 25 years ago Ukrainian scientists started inventing such a medicine designed for treatment of nephritic and liver insufficiency, intestines infections and other diseases accompanied by intoxication.

That task was successfully solved by researchers from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Kiev Institute for Doctor Upgrade Courses. The synthesized medicine was called "Enterosgel". It turned out to be a highly efficient and harmless enterosorbent which if taken internally terminates only toxic substances. Its development is charachterised as highly scientific intensive and patentable. Today a number of the developed medicines and know-how of their production are protected with over 10 patents in Ukraine and Russia.

In 1991 "Kreoma" company started production of "Enterosgel". It proved to be efficient during extinguishing consequences at the Chernobyl NPP, Ufa catastrophe, Spitak tragedy, liquidating a disaster at the Kharkov sewage disposal plant.

After the USSR collapsed "Kreoma-Pharm" CJSC was created in order to preserve production of "Enterosgel". During short time a new production line for "Enterosgel" manufacturing was put into operation (production capacities 70 tons per year, which is 2.5 times more than earlier). Now the company has a powerful poduction base, control-analytical and scintific-research laboratories. Although the most equipment is either of national poduction or produced in CIS countries it does not yield to any imported equipment in terms of its production capacities and reliability.

Now the medicine is registered in 8 CIS countries and it is going to have more demand annually. It is planned to increase production volumes of "Enterosgel" and start production of "Enterosgel" based medicines in order to meet market demand. A joint production of "Enterosgel" in Dankov, the Lipetsk oblast, Russian Federation under "Kreoma-Pharm" license has been started, production capacity is 80 tons per year.

"Kreoma-Pharm" EcoProtection Firm, CJSC is the exclusive producer of Enterosgel.

As opposite to other medications, "Enterosgel" does not contain natural substances (clay, coal) thus having predetermined properties. For instance it exceeds other medicines by its absorption properties and has sorption selection: efficiently adsorbs only toxic substances of incomplete metabolism from intestines and blood. It sorps only medium molecular toxic metabolites (bilirubin, cholesterol, nitrogenous froth). Selecting effect of the medicines is also vivdid by the fact that it sorps only pathogens.
It doesn not damage mucous membrane of stomach and intestines, protects from erosion. The medicine is not absorbed into blood. As opposite to coal enteosorbents, "Enterosgel" does not produce intestines atony and can be taken for 6 months and more. The medicine has no contra-indication and by-effects i.e. is completely harmless.

"Enterosgel" is used to detoxicate human body when: contagious diseases and intoxications, including alcohol, mushroom and insecticide intoxication, digestion system diseases (hepatite, colitis, disbacteriosis, diarrhea etc), diseases of kidneys, skin, allerrgic reactions and many more diseases. It also helps to neutralise by-effect as a consequence after taking other medicines (antibiotics, psychotropic, cytostatic) for instance, intestines disbacteriosis, allergic reactions, neuroleptic syndrom etc.

Today the medicine is actively used in medical practice: in complex therapy of wide scope for adults and children, with the purpose of prophylactics and body rehabilitation. Such prophylactic courses (fortnight, twice a year) are essential for all people even healthy ones.

Now over 20 new medicines of sorption and detoxicating effect are developed and ready to be produced. They are characterised by affinity with tissues.

It is worth mentioning "Magnosgel" (composition of Enterosgel with magnesium sulfate) used for treating viral hepatite and cirrhosis; "Lactogel", "Bifidumgel" (compositions with probiotics) - effective preparations to treat intestines disbacteriosis; "Adaptogel" preparation (composition with vegetable immunomodulator) facilitates immunal protection. Preparation of external application are either proved to be highly efficient (combinations of "Enterosgel" with various medical products to treat wounds, burns, trophic ulcer), for instance "Imosgen" (composition with hentamicin) shortens treatment time twice. "Furaksan" almost excludes emergence of keloid cicatrices; "Imosdinit" is efficient when treating peritonitis. It is worth mentioning medicines recommended for oncological diseases (ones having antineoplastic properties), for instance "Furim" developed to treat stomach and pancreas cancer. Its powder variant (for external application) facilitates wound healing and prevents metastasis emergence. We also developed a number of medicines to be used in gastroenterology, stomatology, gynaecology etc. Thus it is possible to speak about a new line of medicines with sorption-detoxicating effect of enteral, application and parenteral effect.

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