Znamianka Regional Balneology Hospital

  • Address:
    6, Heroiv Chernobula St., c. Znamyanka, Kirovohrad reg., 27403, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05233) 7-11-04, 7-11-08, (067) 520-46-06
  • Web-site:
Znamianka Regional Balneology Hospital, Kirovohrad region, is a multiprofile medical and rehabilitation establishment which provides highly effective treatment of musculoskeletal system diseases and traumas, cardiovascular and nervous diseases, gynaecological disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, dermatological, endocrine system diseases and diseases caused by metabolic disturbance.

At the customers' disposal:
- radon waters, pearl, coniferous, sea, iodobromine, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, contrast baths;
- underwater stretching of spinal column using different methods;
- lavage of the bowels and gynaecological irrigation;
- various medical showers;
- manual, mechanical and underwater massage, mechanical therapy with mechanical treatment of separate joints using highly effective apparatus of Canadian make, the anatomotor (France) and the Yevminov apparatus, medical and balsam inhalation.

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