Motor Factory, Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    37 A, Rosy Luxemburg str., c. Tarashcha, Kyiv reg., 09500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04566) 5-12-40, 5-12-82, 5-40-60
Chairman of the Board - Ivan Nedil'ko

Motor factory - one of enterprises in Ukraine and coutries of CIS, which produces and supplies equipment for metal mining, coal mines, building, chemical industry, macadam factories, port and elevator complexes.

Such abilities allow the factory to accomplish project-constructor, producttion and start-adjusting works and delivery of: conveyer lines from 400 to 2500 mm, plain and rubber rollers, conveyer csrrying rollers of different dimension-types, strain and terminal station, drive lined and tail-end pulleys, auger riddles, breakers, complex for freighting loos materials to the railroad cars, threespindle grinding polishing machines ЗШП, attritors "Bastion" ХЦМ 5.000.000, hydro-spraypressers, earthenware pipe film-slitting machines, pottery works molding machines, machines for producing output of radio production, furnace cars, vibrosieves, vibrofilters, small-size wiping sieves, circular grinding-mills, soliquid delivery pumps.