Holit Data Systems, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    appt. 019, 16, Politehnichna str., c. Kyiv, 03056, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 277-67-54, 277-87-39, 492-31-08
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Director - Yu. Khokhlov

HOLIT Data Systems Ltd. is one of the leading company in the Ukraine in the field of industrial computer systems and components for measurement, control, diagnostic and automation in industry, scince and other applications for signal acquisition and analisys.
Our main activities are technical consulting, R&D, OEM and distribution of industrial PC-based computer systems and controllers and components such as:
- industrial PC, panel PC and LCD-workstations;
- industrial chassis, cases and 19" enclosures;
- mobile computers with LCD screens and expansion slots for add-on cards;
- single board and embedded computers for harsh environments;
- SSD/Flash/SRAM disks;
- ADC-DAC-DIO add-on cards and virtual instruments for ISA/PCI/CompactPCI;
- industrial RS232/422/485 serial and GPIB interface cards and converters;
- data acquisition modules of I-7000, I-8000 and FieldPoint series for industrial distributed systems based on RS232/485, Ethernet, FieldBus;
- man-machine-interfaces (MMI) with LCD indicators, touch screens and keyboards;
- open architecture PC/104-based PLC-controllers, computers and DAQ microsystems;
- software for data acquisition, signal processing and SCADA systems;
- graphical programming software development system LabVIEW.