Seasons of the Year, Complex of Pryvatmedservis, CJSC

  • Address:
    23, Rudanskogo str., c. Yalta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0654) 23-08-52, 32-87-71, 34-30-45
  • Web-site:   
Director - Vyacheslav V. Pishchenkov

"Seasons of the Year" Complex is a hotel cooresponding the European standards, splendid restaurant, modern medical center.

It possesses different rooms tsarting with single rooms and finishing with 3-room deLuxe suits with all modern facilities.
At your disposal there are sauna, a gym, room for children, chemist's, swimming pool with sweet water, artificial current and hydro massage.
In the ground floor you can find a business center designed for 40 persons with all the required facilities.

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