Tredex, Company, Limited Liability Company

Director - Roman V. Pavlovych

The company is a developer of medical computer diagnostic systems. It was founded in April 2002 by a group of leading developers as a result of reorganization of the former well known in Ukraine company DX-Systems Ltd.

The main field of the Company`s activities is development of electroencephalographic and electrocardiographic systems. A major competitive advantage of the company is the utilization for diagnostic purpose telemetric communication channels developed by the Company`s employees. Due to a synthesis of innovative design ideas and many years of experience in the development of medical equipment, TREDEX Company Ltd. at present offers on the medical market the equipment that has no counterparts in Ukraine and CIS countries. The «TREDEX» medical diagnostic set is registered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in October 2004 and consists of three channels, each of them providing an entire spectrum of required features:

1. Radiotelemetric EEG channel «ExpertTM».
2. Radiotelemetric ECG channel «RadioHolter».
3. Transtelephonic ECG channel «Telecard».