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TehnoCenter, Industrial and Production Corporation

  • Address:
    6 Shashkevicha st., c. Rogatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk reg., 77000, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03435) 2-11-50, 2-11-51
Chairman of the Board - Volodymyr M. Kruk

Specialization: sector of industrial and agricultural production.
In 1994 all was started from building of milk factory, creation of agricultural farm Zlagoda incorporated almost ten former collective farms and enterprises for servicing of agricultural producers.
CJSC Techno-Center was founded in 1999. Beginning from small enterprise CJSC Techno-Center became sustainable operating company that has great authority among partners and colleagues. Today CJSC Techno-Center is holding comprising two sugar-houses, confectionary firm Lasoshchi, petroleum storage depot and TV and radio broadcasting company Zakhid. Now it is a large agricultural association including almost 20 structures.
CJSC Techno-Center is actively engaged in charity activity and patronage of art: repair and building of churches, financing of soccer club, help to school establishments and preschools, building and put into service of modern sport health complex in Rogatyn, financial help to the unprotected layers of population. It constantly takes part in social regional programs.
CJSC Techno-Center values honest and professional mutual relations with all partners. Specialists of CJSC Techno-Center fruitfully work on solution of major economic questions in the field of industrial and agricultural production, professionally growing and getting good indexes and financial results in activity. For 12 years of development and becoming CJSC Techno-Center got good reputation among business partners.
CJSC Techno-Center is acknowledged Laureate of Prize Ukrainian National Olympus in nomination Agricultural production by Secretariat of Ukrainian Prizes and awarded Nominal Diploma, Honoured Prize Ukrainian National Olympus and Laureate Breastplate.