Sveda, Research and Production Firm

  • Address:
    12, Antenna st., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69005, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 213-19-02, (067) 614-53-10
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"SVEDA" Research and Production Firm which is a co-founder of Association of Scales Producers of Ukraine "Ukrvaha" offers electronic scales and dosers for various sectors of industry and agriculture:
- hang crane balance VKR-100;
- conveyor balance VK-202;
- car scales VA-500;
- track scales VV-500;
- batchers DVS-301, DVS-302;
- weighbridge VP-305;
- batcher-hopper scales;
- weighing processors;
- indicators;
- indicator boards;
- transformers.

The equipment was developed considering advanced weighing principles with the use of reliable straingage indicators (USA and Spain), certified by the Center for Standartisation and Metrology of Ukraine, componentry by the world leading producers.
The equipment undergoes climate and mechanical tests, supplied with the Certification of mertological certification.

The company provides warranty maintenance for its products during 18-24 months, carries out works on servicing the supplied equipment and reconstruction of mechanical scales.

Using weighing facilities by "Sveda" the customer gets precise accounting of raw materials and shipped products, improves technology and quality, excludes losses and fines caused by underloading and overloading. "Sveda" provides solutions for non-standard tasks on weighing and batching for various production operations.

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