Atom Komplex Prylad, Research and Production Enterprise

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General Director - Oleksandr S. Kazymirov

The Research and Production Enterprise "Atom Komplex Prylad" (AKP), established in 1991, is Ukrainian production that designs, manufactures and implements devices for monitoring radioactivity and other technogenic pollution in the environment. About 50 qualified employee work on this enterprise now. Enterprise has production facilities, design office, radioisotope laboratory, library of standards and methods.

In 1995 the Testing Laboratory of enterprise has been re-accredited in the Production Certification System of Ukraine (UkrCEPRO). In 2001 the Center of Free-Will Certification of Production of "AKP" was registered.

"AKP" has a great experience in developing concepts and equipping laboratories for monitoring of radioactive materials.
During our activity that devices and software have been implemented in more that 500 enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.
We successfully develop series and original devices assigned for determining activity, quantity and quality content of radionuclides, for not exceeding allowed levels of their content in samples and objects, for personnel individual control. Our devices enable to carry out expert measurement, mass and express control. They are used for fitting radiation control services of NPPs, etc, medical institutions and veterinary labs, trade establishments, markets, producers of foodstuff and construction materials. Besides, we have developed original software and new methodics of measurement which will help you reasonably use our devices.

The list of our developments features "AKP":
- ruler of scintillation spectrometers of gamma-radiation energy SEB-01
- ruler of scintillation spectrometers of gamma-radiation energy SEG-001"AKP"-S
- ruler of spectrometers of energies of beta-gamma-radiation SE-BG "AKP"
- Semiconductor spectrometers of X and gamma-radiation energy SEG-002 "AKP-P"
- Semiconductor spectrometers of alpha-radiation SEA-13P
- spectrometer of human radiation "SICH"
- multi-channel industrial amplitude spectrometer "ABA-P"
- analysers of toxic elements
- scintillation detectors
- "AK" software
- systems of ecologic monitoring

Spectrometers have passed the State Testing and were entered into the State Register of Measuring Devices of Ukraine with right for serial production. Devices have Certificates of Conformity. In 2002 spectrometers of beta-radiation energy SEB-01 were certified by Gosstandart of Russia as a type of measurement facilities, enlisted in State Register of Russia № 23531-02 and allowed for operation on the territory of the Russian Federation. The devices have certificates of compliance. In different enterprises of Slavutych and on ChNPP there are about 10 spectrometers of "AKP" which was put on the operation during several last years. The Ministry of Public Health has agreed production of our spectrometers. Our equipment is on the level with the best foreign analogs. Our beta-spectrometers are the best in this class of devices.

Our customers are IAEA, NPPs, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Enterprises "Radon", National Space Committee Agency of Ukraine, State Scientific and Technical Association "Metrologia", Standardization, Metrology and Certification Centers of the State Standard Committee of Ukraine, Ministry of Public Health, State Committee of Hydrometeorology, Ministry of Agriculture, laboratories of market-places of Kyiv and Zaporizhia, Ukrainian arctic expedition, University of Teheran and etc.

Enterprise has ramified service system, ensure high-quality operative guarantee and after-guarantee service of our equipment, and carry out methodical accompaniment and training of personnel.

Besides, the company has developed "AKWin" software which controls spectrometers, automated processing of spectrums, calculates nuclide activity in the studied samples, records the received data. Module principle enables to use the software for processing spectrums of various measurement types (alpha-, beta-, gamma-). The two-layer menu with a wide range of modes of various complexity makes it usable both for operators of routine testing and for professional researchers.

Our database control systems enable to solve a number of tasks.
"Radioecolog" - gathering and analysis of data of radiation state of the atmosphere, ponds, residential areas, potable water, foodstuff;
- "Individual dose control" - accumulating and gathering information on individual dose control of professionals;
- "Construction materials and premises" - creation and operating databases on radiation control of construction materials and premises;
- "AQUA" - radiation control for city water supply systems. An autmated informational system;
- "SICH" operative control and accumulation of data on individual dose portions of personnel.

We worked out and supply technique of measurement and sample preparation:
- Determination of activity of radionuclides in the environmental samples, 1992 manual. Approved by Ministry of Public Health, Ukraine.
- Activity beta-emitting radionuclides in the counting samples. Methods of fulfill of measures using scintillating spectrometers and software "AK1", 1998. Approved by State Standard Committee and Ministry of Public Health, Ukraine.
- Activity of radionuclides Sr90 and Y90 in the counting samples receiving by the method of selection of radionuclides. Approved by State Standard of Ukraine and Ministry of Public Health. MI 12-08-99.
- Activity beta-emitting radionuclides in the thin samples. Fulfillment methods of measures using of beta-spectrometers and software "AK1", 2000. Approved by Chornobylska NPP and agreed by Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.
- Activity, specific activity and volumetric activity of beta-emitting radionuclides in the counting samples of technological and natural environment objects. Approved by State Standard of Ukraine and UkrDO "Radon". MI-12-05-99.
- Specific activity and volumetric activity of beta-emitting radionuclides in the volume samples in the projects of technological and natural environment. Approved by State Standard of Ukraine and UkrDO "Radon. MI-12-04-99.

Quality management system is certificated in accord once DSTU ISO 9001-2001.
NAEK "Energoatom" carried out audit. Results of audit are positive. "AKP" introduced in enumeration of supply of NPPs of Ukraine.

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