LANS, Limited Liability Company

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    3 Industrialna str., c. Kharkiv, 61106, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 758-88-97, (0572) 752-48-86
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Director - Sergey Litvinov

A very important factor of human's life is the supporting of microclimate in his room. Among factors, which have a great influence up on man's health, workability and just feeling one can mark ventilation, conditioning and air heating.

This is the very field of activity of firm "LANS". Having it's own producing areas, special equipment highly qualified staff, during several years "LANS" provides the complete circle of services on solving problems connected with ensuring air comfort. e.g. designing, production, delivering of equipment, installation of systems of ventilation, conditioning and air heating.

In addition to the equipment made by ourselves, we can install equipment produced by leading European producers: Systemair, Ostberg, Soler&Palau, Vortice, Dospel, Veza, Vents, VTS Clima, IV Product ets.

Conditioners: LG, Samsung, Ascon, Panasonic, Dekker, Carrier, Funai, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Fujutsu, Daikin, MсQuay, Gree ets. Warm floors and melting-snow systems: Devi, Eleter, Nexans, Wirsbo.

Heating systems: heating ventilators, towel-driers, oil radiators, air curtains, infra-red heaters, electro-convecters ets.

Among our clients there are restaurants, banks, different enterprises e.g.:
1. Joint venture limited liability "Twin - druk",
2. Bank "Golden gates",
3. Limited liability "Kross-ptitsefabrika "ZARJA",
4. Limited liability "VLADAR",
5. Private joint-stock company "Evro-asian beer group",
6. Limited liability "Solex",
7. "Alfa - bank",
8. Private joint-stock company "Kharkiv jeweller plant",
9. Complex "LETO",
10. Unifekht - sport - complex of Kharkiv State University,
11. Cinema "POZNAN"
and networks of shops, cafees, and other enterprises of Kharkiv.

The main achievement of "LANS" is the designing and production of setting "VUDOS" (drawing setting for wood - processing madune tools).

This setting has found a wide application allover Ukraine. The purpose g VUDOS is the gathering and removement of chip and at the same time the clearance of air from wood dust.

VUDOS is an improved setting and is used instead of uneconomical large traditional prenmotransport aspirator complexes. The using of "VUDOS" in the comparison with pneumotransport networks allows:
1. To ensure almost 100 % clearance of air from dust in working area because of using special filters of high quality.
2. To ensure the economizing of electricity because of using low powered electrical engine "VUDOS".
3. To reduce wastings to some certain extent for heating of working areas during winter because of leaving cleaned air inside the room.
4. To make the installation and connection witu several wood - processing machine tools much easier because of small size a no using flexible sleeves.

When the bucket is filled with chip it can be taken off and the chip can be thrown to hopper.

The buckets made of denim and having handles are very convenient and have a very long life.

Special tools are not needed for the maintenance of this setting. VUDOS is used with hose made of polychlorvenil and polyuretan which you can also by at our firm.

"LANS" provides production, delivering, installation and service maintenance.

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