Yuzhmashavia, Aircraft Transport Company

  • Address:
    Airport, c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49009, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0562) 34-18-09, 34-18-10, 34-22-24
  • Web-site:
General Director - M. Harchenko

Aircraft Transport Company "Yugmashavia" is one of the first registered airlines in Ukraine. On 19th of February 2003 it celebrated its tenth anniversary. Its activity is regulated by State Aviatransport Department Certificate of Ukraine and by the licence on internal and international flights.

The basis of aircraft company is five convenient airplanes Yak-40, which cabins can be converted (cargo-and-passenger, air-liner, VIP and business one). For the hourly passenger flights aviacompany provides not only with high comfort and efficiency of flight organization but also with an opportunity for the customer to choose conditions of the flight and the station in the airport of destination, the level of board service, providing confidentiality of the flight and using the VIP hall in the airport.

Today the Aviacompany can offer on the market of carriages by air its carting and delivery of different goods services at stipulated terms (world practice confirms that this system scores by minutes).

The size of Il-76 freight compartments allows any loading gauge. The Aviacompany has dangerous freight traffic certificate.