Ukoospilka, Treatment & Health Centre

  • Address:
    3a, Chatirdagsska str., c. Alushta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 98500, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06560) 3-02-95, 3-05-81
Director - Vasiliy S. Shypilov

In 1959 the holiday home "Ukrspilka", built on the hill of Alushta bank, gave a hearty welcome to the first visitors. In the course of time the resort developed, built the new blocks, and equipped the amazing park with modern terrace going down to the very sea.

Nowadays the treatment-and-consultation center "Ukrspilka" is a six dwelling blocks, 600 seats canteen, cinema, conference halls, video hall, library, cafe, tennis court, billiard, own well equipped beach.

There are the cozy double rooms and comfortable first class rooms. The independent boiler-house supplies the resort with the hot water all over the year.

You can visit the most attractive places of interest of Crimea while you are being in the treatment-and-consultation center "Ukrspilka". There is a comfortable bus at the holidaymakers' disposal.