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    of. A, 8, Zoolohichna, c. Kyiv, 04119, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 461-91-61
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Director - Oleg Cheslavskiy

The basic kind of activity of the company is delivery to territory of Ukraine and the CIS high-quality optical data carriers under the trade mark "CD - COLA", such as: compact disc recordable CD-R, rewritable compact disc CD-RW, compact disc card Business Card CD-R or CD-R-CARD, Shaped CD-R and DVD-R и DVD-RW.

The company of CD - COLA renders also services connected with manufacture of compact discs of CD-ROM, CD-DA, CD-I and DVD a method of punching, switching: creation of a master - disk, development (design) of an image of a compact disc (Label) and polygraphies, drawing 6 color images.

Besides it in our assortment you will find a lot of accessories for compact discs it: labels as on a full-size compact disc (CD ROM or CD - R), and on a compact disc the card (Business Card CD - R); paper and cardboard envelopes of compact discs; a wide range of plastic boxes (Jewel Box, Slim Jewel Box, Mini Slim Jewel Box, etc.); and much, many other things.