Institute of Oilseed Crops of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences (IOC UAAS)

  • Address:
    1, Instytutska str., vil. Sonyachne, Zaporizhzhya distr., Zaporizhzhya reg., 70417, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(061) 223-99-50, 223-99-99
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Principal activity of the IOC:
- development of varieties and hybrids of oilseed crops: sunflower, soybean, rape, flax, mustard, wild cabbage, falseflax, wild radish, castorbean, poppy, sesame, safflower, spurge, etc.;
- development of new breeding methods;
- improvement of technologies for growing and postharvest seed processing;
- creation and support of collections: genetic, characteristic ones and others;
- study of genetic and biochemical parameters of plants;
- development and improvement of techniques for industrial seed growing and study of seeds;
- study of a complex of effective methods for oil crop protection against pests and diseases;
- analysis of genetic purity and biochemical properties of material;
- development of ornamental crop varieties: sunflower, flax, castorbean;
- processing of oilseed raw materials;
seed production and marketing (current price-list);
development of proposals for creation and functioning of the oil crops production market;
popularization of achievements in science and advanced experience.