Izola, Firm, Enterprise of the Foreign Capital

  • Address:
    office 218, 98 Geroi Krut str., c. Bila Tserkva, Kyiv reg., 09100, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04563) 3-27-72, (067) 441-16-14
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Director - N. Denisov

"IZOLA" offers packing materials and industrial insulation for construction, glass, chemical, metallurgy, mining, machine-building, petroleum and food industries.

Thermal insulating materials are made from basalt and ceramic fibres. Multisiliceous materials are used for the insulation of media with high temperatures in chemical,energy, petroleum, construction, glass, metallurgy and machine-building industries. The basaltic products are used for the insulation of cold and hot surfaces of different configurations, for the pipe insulation of different diameters, and also walls, ceilings, partitions, ceiling of roofs; for making domestic electric appliances, gas-stoves, heating boilers and different kinds of stoves. Packing materials (nonasbestos gasket materials, millboard, gland packing, thermo-expanded graphite rings, teflon band) are used for packing vessel joints, apparatuses, pumps, gas-water-supply fittings, pipelines, compressors, internal-combustion engines and other units. The materials are used for the work in the corrosive, abrasive and high-temperature media.

All the products of "IZOLA" are made from nonasbestos, mineral, ecologically clean, fire- and explosion-proof materials.

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