Bears, Closed Joint-Stock Company

  • Address:
    52 Popudrenko str., c. Kyiv, 02660, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 573-22-06, 573-26-62, 573-26-63
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Services provided to bears' clients:
- Development of normative technical documentation for new food products and giving out to company's clients (development and application of new food products: boiled smoked sausages, franks, fruit ice, ice with preparation, sweets with praline, jelly, cream body, marshmellow, caramels with fillings, toffee, cookies of various types, crackers, wafers with fatty and jelly fillings and many other products).
- Providing of consulting services on new technologies application of food production
- Obtaining of Ukraine's Health Ministry permissions (hygienic certificates).
- Conducting of certification research of food ingredients compliance in State Standard of Ukraine.
- Customs clearance of goods, delivery of ordered goods from bonded warehouse to customer's warehouse.
- Aquisition of licences on import of ingredients purchased by client at Bears' foreign partner company.
- Development and application of new technologies and products: recipes, Technical Conditions (TC), Technological Instructions (TI).
- Processing and industrial trials of new products.
- Giving out of food ingredients samples for trials in laboratory and production.
- Holding of exhibitions and seminars (Trade shows "Food Ingredients and Technologies Ukraine" in 1997, 1999 and 2001, seminars for specialists of food enterprises in Ukraine, Denmark, Germany, Poland).
- Marketing research and development activities (market capacity analysing, product consumtion research, processing of statistic data on domestic product output and ingredients imports, product positioning).