Krishtaleve Dzherelo, Sanatorium

  • Address:
    vil. Solochyn, Svalyava distr., Zakarpattya reg., 89321, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03133) 3-26-16, 3-26-21
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Sanatorium "Krishtaleve Dzherelo" created in 1984 year, built on the base of mineral water "Luzhanska". All number, dinning-room, procedural cabinets base in one 4-h floor building. Reposing are placed in 2-h local numbers with all comforts and balcony.

Evidence to the treatment:
- 1. Diseases of belly - a chronic gastritis from preserved and increased by the function in stage of remissions, with breaking an secretion and motor to functions a belly. Functional discords of belly with breaking the secretions or motor - a peptic ulcer of belly and 12-ty an gut in the phase of remission, not complicated by the bleeding, peneratrition and perforation, and without the suspicion on the possible malignant regeneration, diseases operated belly in connection with the peptic ulcer of belly and 12-ty an gut ( in 6 months after operations).
- 2. Disease of gut - chronic colitises and enterocolitises in stage remission.
- 3. Liver problem and bilious ways: chronic hepetitises different etiology, holicities, angioholities in the inactive phase and without phenomenas of jaundice. Remaining phenomenas after the sharp virus hepetitis. Discinesies bilious ways and bilious bubble disease not complicated by the infection and frequent intensifications not requiring surgical interference.
- 4. Diseases of pancreas: chronic pancreatitios ( except tuberculous) in stage of remissions.
- 5. Diseases of buds: chronic diseases of buds and urine ways.
- 6. Diseases of endocrine system: renders an assistance to reducing contents a sahara in shelters at the disease on the sugar diabetes, positively acts when breaking the exchange processes in the organism, saline diateses.
- 7. Chronic no specifical disease light.
- 8. Renders an assistance to the conclusion a radionucleidios, than perfects a condition damaged in consequence of damages on ChAES.