NIKA, Exhibition Bureau

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    #603, 257, Moskovsky ave., c. Kharkiv, 61044, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 719-41-98, 758-63-53, (093) 627-31-22
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Director - Nina V. Dmytryk

The exhibitions and fairs occupy the special place in arsenal of means of the advertising influence, as give the broad possibilities to demonstration of promoted product. Particularly exhibition arrangements are efficient in combination with undertaking presentations, seminars, and press conferences. Participation in exhibitions gives the favourable conditions for fortification old contacts and establishment new, revealing the new sources of the deliveries and markets of selling, discussion of the new tendencies in presented branch.

The Exhibition bureau "NIKA" rightfully occupies one of leading places among the organisers of the exhibitions in Kharkiv.

Having begun its activity in 1998, company has organised more than thirty exhibitions. The enormous quantity native and foreign firms have been attracted for this period.

Our organisation cover the broad spectrum of the themes has carried out the actions:
"Communication"- under protection of the Ministry of communications, "Auto boss"-at support Ministry transport, "Auto and all for the automobile", "Construction and homestead", "Agro", "Furniture and interior", "Machine building", "Agropromyshlennyy complex

Among the clients of VB "NIKA" are broadly known companies and institutions such as: "HARTRON", "Kharkiv national university of automobiles and roads", "Auto Frunze", "Euroshina", "Euro car", "Kharkiv bearing plant", "Autotechnika", "Plant named after Malyshev", "Lozova auto repairing plant", "Auto energy", "Kharkiv state academy of the design and art", "Lviv furniture integrated plant", "Robert Bosch", "Akko-invest", "KBNZ", "Arsenal" and others.

The Exhibition bureau "NIKA" actively co-operates with the representatives of presses and advertising-information agencies.

Amongst our partners are such editions, as "BISKONT UKRAINE", "ATN", "Autophotoprodazha", "Rivas", "Business-dos", "New building technologies", "Oselia

For several years we co-operate with Czech firm "BKP". We do the exit exhibitions with organisation of collective participants such as "EKSPOBALKANIKA", our EB was awarded with the award at the exhibition "KAUNAS 2003" for participation in international exhibition.

For the progressively thinking businessmen the importance of exhibitions cannot be overestimated; for specialists - it is possibility to present its product themselves; for small companies - it is possibility to declare about themselves.

The Experience of organised by us exhibitions confirms the high level of interests and attendance of these actions. Consequently, exhibitors have unique chance straight to communicate to lots of the potential customers.

The main trends of activity are:
- Organising and realisation of exhibitions, presentations, seminars;
- Help to clients in selection of the commercial and trade partners in Ukraine, Chechen, Russia, Spain, and France;
- Services of marketing

The exhibition bureau "NIKA" gives to its clients services on favourable conditions.

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