Energoatom Kharkiv Project, Limited Liability Company

General Director - Yuriy Kolmukov

The "Energoatom Kharkiv Project" company was founded in March 1998 and has been working and developing successfully in the following directions:

* Energy audit and energy saving
We carry out analysis of the efficiency of using all kinds of energy resources, determining power supply resources, development of the energy saving measures and technologies (including the low-cost ones, with the payback term up to 1 year), which enables to reach real economizing of means for not less than 10 -15% of the year value of the consumed energy resources.

* Power supply
About 40 enterprises-consumers use our services every month. We provide services in organization of automated differential hourly electric power accounting at the enterprises and development of the energetic profile enterprise.

* Increase of reliability and prolongation of service life of heat power plants and nuclear power stations
Our company is one of the executors of the program of the National Atomic Energy Generating Company (NAEC) for the vibration examination of the piping systems with the aim of lowering the vibration level and prolongation of service life of the pipelines.

* Hydro equipment design and manufacturing
Wide designing and manufacturing capacities, as well as the many years' experience of the company's experts enables to develop new kinds of hydraulic equipment on the high level of quality and reliability.

* Hydraulic equipment supply
- hydraulic equipment of serial production for industrial enterprises (pumps, hydraulic drives etc.)
- hydraulic oscillation damper for the rolling-stock of the railway transport.
"Energoatom Kharkiv Project" is the trading representative of the Kharkiv plant "Teploautomat" in Ukraine and the SIC countries.

Our company's experts were involved in the following projects:
- Development of the Oblast Energy Saving Program.
- Development of projects of modernization of separate units of the Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Station, Zmiyiv Nuclear Power Station, Kharkiv Heat-and-Power Main -3.
- Energy audit of more than 200 heat-and-power objects of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.
- Energy audit at the State Enterprise "Kharkiv metropolitan".

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