Quant Plant, Limited Liability Company

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    POB 8987, c. Kharkiv, 61106, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 754-56-04, (0572) 94-54-66
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Director - Oleksandr Kolyada

The history of our factory starts in 1989, when a small group of specialists and associates began developing the manufacturing of medical x-ray diagnostic techniques. We have covered the way from a small firm occupied in maintenance of x-ray equipment to the manufacturing factory with unique developments in the area of medical x-ray diagnostics. Today the Quant X-Ray Equipment Factory has turned into a leading manufacturing firm of x-ray diagnostic techniques in Ukraine, which has its own material and technical and powerful manufacturing capabilities, applies modern technologies of manufacturing process. An in-house full cycle of manufacturing of medical x-ray equipment is set going at the factory, as well as a full work package of mounting, adjusting to conduct, giving instructions about handling to medical personnel and service maintenance of its products is offered.

Our factory was the first in Ukraine who started the development and application of digital systems to medical practice for carrying out screening x-ray examinations, and now still holds its leading positions in development of digital systems. There have been developed and introduced the following: a specialized mobile x-ray cabinet at bus chassis Indiars-P with digital image processing, a stationary fluorograph Indiascan -01 and a multi-purpose remote control table Indiascope. The Quant equipment is completed with digital system on the basis of hardware and software Neuron complex.

Paying special attention to quality and online service of its equipment in the regions of Ukraine, we have created the certified centers with specialists who promptly render assistance and consulting support to medical staff of a Customer.

Working in close cooperation with the Medical Radiology Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, the Institute of Computer Diagnostic Problems, analyzing the world experience in radiology, taking into consideration requests of medical experts, the Quant X-Ray Equipment Factory constantly works at improvement of the equipment, which is produced, extension of branch net and attraction of new partners.

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