Alef-Vinal, Closed Joint-Stock Company

General meneger - Feliks Chertok

Alef-Vinal, CJSC is one of the biggest wine producer in Ukraine, besides Alef-Vinal produses cognac. The most widely known trade marks of Alef-Vinal are TM Zolotaya Amfora, TM Klinkov, TM Zhan-Zhak.

Alef-Vinal CJSC consists of 5 enterprises: 4 in the Crimea and 1 in Dnepropetrovsk region.

Alef-Vinal CJSC has 2,5 thousand hectares or 6 mln bushes of vineyard, 3 enterprises of vine preprocessing, vintage cognat plants and the wine bottling plant in Dnepropetrovsk region at its disposal. The stuff of more than 1,5 thousand people, the top modern equipment. The best technologists, inhabitants of Bulgaria, are worldly acknowledged specialists. A Marketing Deprtment is actually a full-agency (comrlete cycle).

Grain-crops, fuit, berries, table grape is produced at three agricultural enterprises of the Crimea.

The production is selled in Ukraine, Byelorussia and Russia.