Elektropivdenzakhidmontazh-6, CE

  • Address:
    P.O.Box 9204, c. Lviv, 79031, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0322) 74-13-47, 96-67-78
Director - Roman L. Spivak

Corporate system: enterprise comprises 6 assembling structural subdivisions in Khmelnytsky NPP, Rivne NPP, Burshtyn TPP, Dobrotvir TPP and Lviv and start-up programme structural subdivision in Lviv.

Main types of products and services:
enterprise executes following works such as assembling, adjusting and repair of electrical equipment, control, management and automation, radiation testing systems and special systems on objects of nuclear energy; assembling, adjusting and repair of electrical equipment, technological testing systems and automation in thermal power and industrial objects; construction of substations, power lines "turnkey"; assembling and adjusting of electric part of lifting mechanisms; assembling of communications devices; assembling of the systems of electric fire extinguishing; assembling of fire signalling facilities; providing construction sites with power supplying; assembling of electric lighting.

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