Alpina Consult, Consulting Company

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    office 22, building 16а, Mihailovskaya str., c. Kyiv, 01001, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 278-50-45, 599-52-84
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- Analytical market survey, its branches and segments.
- Special research on the parameters: Calculation and substantiation of potential capacity of the market, Analysis of customers' preferences and demand forecast, competitors analysis, Recommendation on choosing partners/suppliers, identification of vacant market niches and niches with minimal competition level.
- Diagnosis/development of the marketing strategy.
- Marketing substantiation of investment projects.
- Development of the financial structure of the company allocating the Centers of financial responsibility, Centers of fiscal accounting, Centers of expenditures.
- Development of the provisions on budget department. Development of forms of main budgets in conjunction with financial structure of the company.
- Organization of control over the budget performance, supply the management with reports and analytical factors.
Business planning:
- Business-plans preparation, including: express-analysis of the company, marketing, production and technologies, personnel, organizational/calendar plan-schedule, finance plan, risks evaluation.
Legal support:
- Consulting legal matters in the sphere of foreign economic activity.
- Drawing up and expert examination of the contracts.
- Preparation and working out the claim and moving papers, representing the interests in economic courts.
- Preparation of caveats against taxing and other controlling authorities' certifications.
- Representation of interests in custom authorities of Ukraine.
- Subscriber legal support of economic activity of the company.
- Personnel selection - experienced, reliable and goal-oriented specialists.
- Holding teaching trainings and seminars.
- Evaluation of the social-psychological atmosphere in the labor collective.
- Evaluation of the personnel potential.