Chuguiv Device Plant, Close Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    8 Michurina str., c. Chuhuyiv, Kharkiv reg., 63506, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(05746) 2-42-07
Chairman of the Board - Maslov Nikolay Pavlovich

1. Supplementary devices:
- tongs: clamping, lunette and delivering from d=3 мм to d=50 мм;
- lunette chucks for metal-cutting machines;
- rimming for equipment that are used in the machines;
- different template for metal-cutting and manufacturing machines;
- knifes for centreless-grinding and woodworking machines, knifes for guillotine and etc.;
- different handles for above mentioned equipment
2. Different devices for metal-cutting and manufacturing machines.
3. Small and medium punches.
4. Different casting molds (for casting rubber, plastic, aluminum and etc).
5. Sticking and processing of non-standard device from hard alloy.
6. Powder metallurgy, sticking of original parts (in limited quantities).
7. Steel forging (max. 34 kg).
8. Different parts and assemblies for food and manufacturing machines.
9. Machines for production PET bottles.
10. Punches forming bricks