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    49, Sadova str. , vil. Teterivka, Zhytomyr distr., Zhytomyr reg., 12420, Ukraine
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    +38(067) 411-76-90
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Director - Vasyl Prusak

LLC (Limited Liability Company) "Fabrika KLASUM", trademark "Interstyle, specializes in manufacturing of elite-class kitchen sets and joiner's products, made from natural wood (oak, alder) according to individual design. The Company exists on the furniture market since 1994. The modern production complex, with which the factory is equipped, new technologies and the high-skilled staff allow the Company to occupy one of the leading places on the home furniture market.
Among the customers of the factory are people from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, United Arab Emirates etc. The secret of the constantly growing interest to the Company's production lies in the exclusive design and the high quality of manufacturing. A thorough study of the customers' tastes and tendencies of their development defines the direction of the technical and technological re-equipment of the factory and founds the basis of the assortment of production, which is constantly being expanded.
The extensive dealer network is operating on the factory. It includes more than 50 representatives in Ukraine and abroad.
LLC "Fabrika KLASUM" is equipped with the best equipment of the world-famous companies, such as Weinig, Brand, Altendorf etc. and with the tools of the German company Leitz.
More than 650 people work at the factory. It also has its own heating system, water-supply, wood-drying department, which includes the German drying complex "Hildebrandt" and Italian drying complex "Nardi", the factory also produces wood-working tools of its own.
Modern certified management system, built according to the regulation of the International Standard ISO 9001:2000 was implemented and now works at the factory. It guarantees the highest level of demands to the quality of execution of all the active processes, including the order reception process, designing process, production and management processes.
Factory's suppliers are the best European companies - producers of component parts, accessories, paintwork and gluing materials. All the raw wood and other materials, used in the production, have certificates, which confirm their quality and safety for human's health.
The result of the combined efforts of the factory staff are miscellaneous diplomas, prizes and certificated, awarded to the trademark "Interstyle" for participation in various exhibitions, contests etc.
LLC "Fabrika KLASUM" is the company, which is constantly developing. The study of a customer's demand, constant technical and technological improvement and training is the fundament on which the Company builds it activity. The important principles of the marketing strategy of the factory are producing, based on a profound knowledge of a customer's needs, market situation and the real abilities of the factory; the effective solution of a customer's problems, aiming at long-term commercial success and orientation at the active demand-forming on the market.
There's not a single company in Ukraine, which at present moment produces analogous production, as LLC "Fabrika KLASUM" does:
- natural wood facades;
- S-bend and radius doors;
- S-bend and radius table-tops;
- S-bend and radius cornices;
- S-bend and radius plinths;
- the broadest choice of post-processing: from the classical natural-wood look to the modern Hi-Tech style, using any of the 200 colours form the RAL catalogue.
Thanks to the fact that the producing is done according to an individual design project, taking into consideration the individual size of a kitchen-room, any customer has a real possibility to use the apartment space more efficiently.
At present day the assortment of LLC "Fabrika KLASUM" allows to decorate the entire living space of a customer's house in a single style, with the help of which the apartment will have a modern complete look and will include the following:
- kitchens;
- dining-rooms;
- living rooms;
- halls;
- multipurpose furniture;
- office suites;
- joiner's works.
The additional advantage of making an order at LLC "Fabrika KLASUM" is the possibility to fulfill at the factory any non-standard solution, necessity in which may be inspired by the individual preferences of a customer, or by peculiarities of his/her apartment.
Generally, the quality of the production of "Interstyle" trademark means not only the high quality of producing, modern technologies and the accuracy of the production terms, but also:
- attention to customer's demands, comfortable service;
- exact and competent answers of consultants;
- professional approach to registration of orders;
- quick reacting;
- active phone/fax/e-mail communication

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