Dinamo, Zaporigian garment factory, Closed joint - stock company

  • Address:
    9, Zhukova str., c. Zaporizhzhya, 69076, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0612) 226-83-47, 41-31-34, 41-32-62
  • Web-site:
Chairman of the Board - Genadiy P. Netyaga

Zaporigian garment factory Dinamo produces outer clothing for men and women:
- suits;
- jackets;
- overalls;
- gloves;
- wintry topcoats without fur collar;
- uniform;
- clothes for kids;
All the Dinamo clothes for women - wintry and light overcoats, short coats and jackets, - is made of high-quality Italian and home manufacture fabrics.
High-quality fabrics in various texture and colors is used in our clothes collectoins. This is multicolored ratine, various tricot for coats, unfigured unfigured fabrics, tweed, fabric with marking of neps.

Predominant colors from light unconstrained to lush tones are in clothes collection for women.