Biscuit-Chocolate, Corporation

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    8, Lozivska str., c. Kharkiv, 61017, Ukraine
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President - Alla A. Kovalenko

"Biscuit - Chocolate" corporation consolidates two plants - "Kharkov biscuit plant" and the confectionery "Kharkovtchanka". Both plants are joint-stock companies.

The number of working staff is 3000 people.
Daily output is up to 1800 tons.

Production is floury and sugary confectioneries.

The range of floury confectioneries is the follow - biscuit (lengthy, sugary, rich), waffles, waffle tubule, waffle cornets, sponge cakes, rolls and fancy cakes.
The range of sugary confectioneries is the follow - caramel, sweets (candied and uncandied), chocolate, fancy cakes, marsh-mallow, toffee, fruit jelly and drops.

1896th year is considered to be the beginning of the industrial production of confectionery in Kharkov. That year there was established a confectionary plant of Zhorzh Borman, who became an Imperial court provider. Keeping to the best traditional compoundings and permanent work over creation of new original products allow confectioners of the "Biscuit - Chocolate" TM to satisfy any consumer's taste.

Nowadays the plants work on the equipment of the leading world firms. Such lines were installed and are in operation there now:
- Yugoslavian line "Minel" which produces lengthy kinds of biscuits;
- the first line in Ukraine which produces crackers of the Italian firm "Orlandi";
- the equipment of the Austrian firm "Khaas" for manufacturing the first in Ukraine waffle tubules and the equipment of "Reon" and "Polin" firms for production rich kinds of biscuits;
- the line of the Italian firm "Sasib Bakery" for manufacturing sponge cakes and rolls;
- the equipment for manufacturing candied waffle production (fancy cakes "Kapriz", Mini-"Kapriz");
- the equipment for manufacturing waffle cornets, which are new for Ukraine;
- the equipment of the German firm "Bionke-Lyukao" for manufacturing unique production - biscuits covered with chocolate "Present";
- the equipment of "Loveras" firm for preparation of the chocolate masses, and besides the production of the mold chocolate with stuffing was begun;
- the wrapping equipment and new packing materials for the premium class sweets.

High-quality, natural, ecologically clean raw materials is used here. The modern production technologies, application of the new packing materials with high barrier properties provide preservation of the consumer and flavouring qualities of the confectioneries and increase application time up to 6 months.

In corporation there is a permanent work over increasing of the quality of output production, "Policy in the sphere of quality "was determined and is put into practice here.

In 1999 Kharkov confectioners were the first among Ukrainian food industry enterprises who got the quality system certificates of the international standard ISO 9001, accredited in the USA and Germany. In January 2000 all floury confectioneries were certificated in the GOST system. In 2002 re-certification on correspondence of the quality system to the demands of ISO 9001 2000-year-version was carried out. In 2003 the confectionery "Kharkovtchanka" also got the quality system certificates of the international standard ISO 9001.

In December 2001 Kharkov Biscuit plant became the only enterprise in Ukraine, at which the generally accepted standard of safety products - HASSP system was applied. It is the guarantee of consumers' health preservation.

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