Europroject, Ukrainian-Russian Limited Liability Company

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    29b Rizdvyana str., c. Kharkiv, 61012, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 724-20-33, 724-43-61
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General Director - Arseniy Zaytsev

Ukrainian-Russian company with limited liability "Europroject" together with its partners building company with limited liability "SMP-166" and designing institute with limited liability "YuzhTransNIIProject" offers the functions of Manager (Customer, Builder), General Designer and General Contractor for creation of the objects of industrial, transport, civil and communal function with legalization of ground area, getting of all permissive documents for designing and building, design and survey works, building, supply, mounting, chief-mounting, balancing and commissioning of the equipment, staff training, putting to the manufacture and maintenance of the object.

The body of partners consists of highly skilled specialists with large record of service. Due to their consistency and experienced work the objects in many cities of Ukraine were designed and built:
- for Kharkov underground - subway-depot "Saltovskoye", "Moskovskiy prospect", official building of Kharkov underground;
- reconstruction work of the railway land side Kharkov -passenger station with son of lumiere fountain, station complexes at such stations as Levada, Lyubotin, Poltava-Yuzhnaya, Poltava-Kyivskaya, Mirgorod, Lubni, Grebyenka. For these complexes the authors were awarded to the State prize of Ukraine in architecture field in 2004 (President decree № 673/2004 from 23 of June 2004).
- palace of sport "Lokomotiv" in Kharkov and many other objects of the Southern Railway;
- at joint-stock company "Baltsem" - the department of fine grinding of white and coloured cement, the packing line of the Czech firm "Psherovskiye stroiny";
- at joint-stock company "Lisitchanskiy glass plant" - the workshop of wallpapers and linoleum using the imported equipment; organization of glass outlet using the method of thermic forming of float, the department of glass containers production according to the European standards on the imported equipment; the department of figure and reinforced glass;
- at Kuryazhskiy DSK all the spectrum of DSK;
- at close joint-stock company "Stromgips" in Artyemovsk - organization of outlet of new types of products of "Lafarzh" company;
- at the "Konnector" plant (urban village Vasishchevo) processing of plastic waste;
- apartment houses, social and cultural objects;
- reconstruction of the former hotel "Yuzhnaya" for the State tax inspection in Kharkov;
- branch offices of joint-stock bank "Express-bank" in Kharkov, Kupyansk (Kharkov region), Debaltsevo (Donetsk region);
- "Astoriya" hotel in Kharkov;
- Yulyevskiy gaseous condensate processing complex;
- the first in Ukraine waste processing plant (according to the European Union program "TASIS") which situated in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region.

During all these years the Ukrainian-Russian company with limited liability "Europroject" and designing institute with limited liability "YuzhTransNIIProject" is directed by Zaytsev Arseniy - the Honorary transport constructor of Russia, the Laureate of the State prize of Ukraine in architecture field of 2004 year.

We productively work with many Customers, among them there are Southern Railroad, "Oil and Gas of Ukraine" NAK company, Khmelnitskiy nuclear power plant, Department of Defense of Ukraine. We also cooperates with design and research institutes of Ukraine and Russia, we maintain permanent contacts with progressive foreign firms in the sphere of glass and cement production, processing of wastes - "Lafarzh" and "Teris" (France), "Sklostroy" and "Sklopech" (Czechia), "Khaiyeglass" and "MBM" (Germany), "A.B.M.- Diffusijn" (Belgium), "Tamglass" (Finland) and others.

We invite you to cooperation in building of glass, cement and other enterprises in Ukraine under mutually beneficial conditions.

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