Katyuzhanka higher technical training college

  • Address:
    1, Shevchenko Street, vil. Katyuzhanka, Vyshhorod distr., Kyiv reg., 07313, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04596) 3-22-62, 3-23-18, 3-23-19
  • Web-site:
Director - Ruslan M. Nedashkivsky

The school trains:
On the basis of incomplete secondary education (term of training - 3 years):
- Tractor operator - machinist of agricultural manufacture of "A", "B", "C", "D" categories, mechanic - repairman, automobile driver of "C" category with obtaining of secondary education;
- Flower grower - vegetable grower with obtaining of secondary education;
- Seamstress without obtaining of secondary education (term of training - 2 years)

On the basis of complete secondary education:
Mechanic on car repairing; automobile driver of "B", "C" categories; bookkeeper; cooker;
Forester, huntsman, feller;
Tractor operator - machinist of agriculture of manufacture of "A", "B", "E", "F" category (term of training - 6 months);
The hairdresser - fashion designer (term of training - 5 months);
Salesman (from hawker's stand, in the market) (term of training - 3, 5 months);
Manicurist (term of training - 2 months);
Typing operator (term of training - 3 months);
dogger (term of training - 3 months).
The school has paid evening courses:
Training of "A", "B", "C" categories drivers of vehicles;
Retraining of drivers of "E", "D" categories;

Cookers, bookkeepers, typing operators, fashion designers - hairdressers, manicurists, salesmen, tractor operators, machinists of agricultural production ("A", "B", "E”, "F" category);
Instructors of practical automobile driving (improvement of professional skills).