Professional Technical School

  • Address:
    14b, Nezalezhnosti bulv., c. Brovary, Kyiv reg., 07400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04594) 5-15-20
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List of the specialities:
- the mechanic on car repairs;
- the electric welder of manual welding, the electric welder by automatic and semi-automatic machines;
- the plasterer, the facing worker - tiler, the house painter;
- the plasterer, the house painter;
- the bricklayer;
- the mechanic on manufacturing units and details technological pipelines, the mechanic on manufacture of units and details of sanitary-engineering systems;
- the seamstress;
- the straightening of bodies of cars, the electrogas welder;
- the electrogas welder;
- the cook;
- the seller of articles of food