Vasylkiv Professional Technical School

  • Address:
    39, Dekabrystiv str., c. Vasylkiv, Kyiv reg., 08600, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(04571) 5-25-43, 5-33-65
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Director - Lyudmyla M. Postolenko

Date of the basis - 1997.

Vasylkiv Professional Technical School for children-orphans and children who have remained without trusteeship of parents is a complex in which the general educational boarding school of a degree and educational groups of Professional Technical School.

Preparation is carried out on specialities:
- the seamstress
- the electric welder of manual welding, the driver of the car a category "V","S"
- the plasterer, the bricklayer
- the bricklayer, the plasterer