Vinnytsya Regional Sanitary-Epidemiology Station

  • Address:
    11, Malinovskiy Str., c. Vynnytsya, 21100, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0432) 32-56-18, 32-56-38, 35-51-63
Head State Health Officer of Vinnytsya Region - Valentyna G. Zaytseva

Regional system of the State Sanitary-Epidemiology Service of Ukraine comprises 2 city (Vinnytsya and Ladyzhyn) sanitary-epidemiology stations, 1 local disinfective station and 27 district sanitary-epidemiology stations.

Main directions of activity:
- realization of the governmnet sanitary-epidemiology supervision by objects and factors of environment with the purpose of providing sanitary-epidemiology welfare of population, prevention of infectious and professional diseases, mass non infectious diseases (poisoning) related to influencing of harmful factors of environment.

The specialists of the sanitary-epidemiology service of the region provide permanent monitoring of sanitary-epidemiology situation at objects of increased epidemic risk, conduct systematic dosimetric control of ionizing radiation background, analysis of water, soil, air and food poisoning.

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