TechnoNIKOL, Limited Liability Company

  • Address:
    2, Torgivelna str., c. Kamyanske, Dnipropetrovsk reg., 51901, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 785-20-77, 785-20-79
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Director-General - A. Khmelev

The plant of the company ''TechnoNIKOL'' (Dneprodzerzynsk, Dnepropetrovsk region) was built in 2004. Across in record time - only for 9 months - on the place of former industrial base appeared a new enterprise, and by february, 2005 the plant has been already set in operation.

The plant`s aim of activity is providing ukrainian consumers with quality roofing materials on best prices and in necessary size.

The materials produced by ''TechnoNIKOlL'' plant are soft roofing coverings and waterproofing materials of a new century , and he is the leading enterprise in Ukraine according to the size and quality of output goods.

The productive capacity of plant allow to produce up to 15 mill. square metres a year.

Due to beneficial geografical position, plant could provide with roofing materials all ukranian regions. Plant location allow to optimize the time of delivery of raw materials at enterprise, and also product delivery at any spot of the country.

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