VIK Scientific-Production Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    54, Pavlova str., c. Uzhhorod, Zakarpattya reg., 88017, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03122) 3-14-11
Director - Vasyl I. Rusnak

Scientific production private enterprise "VIK" was founded by Ltd. "Associacia InterART" with only purpose: for scientific works holding, phytopreparations and biologically active admixtures invention and production usingthe rare and unique Zakarpatian flora.

For three year of work "VIK" enterprise and its collaborators have won the recognition of scientific and medical establishments, sanatorium-and-spa and tourist's institutions, pharmaceutic natworkof Zakarpatie and other regions. During this periiod was founded three biologically active admixtures: "Zakarpatskij balzam Komendarya", "Derenivskij" , "Legenda Karpat" ; phytoteas "Derenivskij" №1 і №2, balneal phytoproduct "Derenivskij". all the phytopreparats have sanitary substantions of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.Some of them has received Ukraine patent.

The great collective's achivement is production of unique extracts of natural raw material, 100% natural, prodused on private patented equipment by spetial private technology (Ukraine patent №59838А "Method of extracts receiving from raw material and mobile arrangement for its realization is enclosed "