PromEnergo, private production and trade firm

  • Address:
    pr. Lenina, 121, c. Lysychansk, Lugansk reg., 93120, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06451) 4-16-61, 4-74-51
The PromEnergo private production and trade firm was established in 1998. Since 2005, PromEnergo has represented a group of picture frame producers with exclusive selling rights. Their products are designed for local and foreign markets.

Picture frames are made of ecologically safe materials: 2 mm polished glass with finished edges (produced by Stroysteklo, Ltd. in Konstantinivka, Donetsk Oblast), and wood fiberboard. Packaging meets European standards (styropore).

PromEnergo is registered in Lisichansk, Luhansk Oblast. It has its own typography shop equipped for printing of pictures to be placed in frames (professional certificates, reproductions of paintings, etc.).

Production facilities occupy an area of more than 700 sq. m.