Agroremmash-Plus, Private Enterprise

  • Address:
    9 Tavricheskya str., c. Kirovograd, 25004, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0522) 22-87-43, 22-87-43, 24-11-17
  • Web-site:   
It has been working successfully for 10 years at the Ukrainian market.

Material and technical basis:
- manufacturing workshop,
- specialized equipment,
- qualified specialists,
- storage facilities,
- trade and exhibition areas.

Main kinds of activity:
1. Bundling and reequipment of tractors “Kirovets”, trucks with new engines YaMZ, assemblies, aggregates and consumables.
2. Assembling and thorough repairs of tractors “Kirovets”.
3. Assembling and thorough repairs of grain-gathering combines “Don”.
4. Manufacturing and thorough repairs of frontlifts and other specialized technique at the base of tractor “Kirovets”.
5. Selling of new tractors MTZ.
6. Selling spare parts, assemblies, aggregates for tractors, combines, cars.
7. Guarantee and afterguarantee service of technique bought at our place.
8. “Kirovets” tractor tillage and disking service.

Due to the great experience of working at the market it has permanents clients.

The enterprise regularly takes part in the exhibitions of agriculture technique in different regions of Ukraine and is a repeated diplomat for successful marketing activity, service and products of high quality.

Nowadays our enterprise has permanent commercial relations with different organizations of Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Poland, Bulgarian, and Russia.

One of the main kinds of activity of our enterprise is supplying and selling of importing agricultural technique of leading foreign manufacturers new as well as used in Ukraine:
grain-gathering combines
beet-gathering self-propelled and towed combines
potato-gathering combines
tomato-gathering combines
ground-tilling towed and hinged equipment
all spectrum of sowing technique for any crops
wide range of fertilizer and syringe spreading
wide choice of moving-machines, press pick-up, agitators and other technique for gathering, storage and warehousing of haulage
grain drying- machines
other agricultural technique and equipment.

We invite potential partners to productive cooperation!