Press-Birzha, Informational-Advertising Weekly

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    8, Stolarova str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49000, Ukraine
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    +38(050) 937-27-21, (056) 370-10-90, 370-19-02
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Press-Birzha -All-Ukrainian Informational-Advertising Weekly is issued since 1993.

Is circulated all over the country. The subscription index is 33520.

Is calculated for managers, specialists in marketing, sale and purchase managers.

Publish price-lists in different goods groups: transport, chemical production, oil production, metals, food products, agricultural products, building materials, consumer goods, habersdashery, clothes, foot-wear, packing equipment, industrial machinery, cable and installation products, services (more than 12 000 positions) including demand.

Announcements, calendars, survey of exhibition actions in Ukraine and abroad with indication participants' addresses and telephones.