ENEIDA Company

  • Address:
    25g, Sagaidachnogo str., c. Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 467-63-40, 467-63-60, 467-63-70
ENEIDA Company is the official dealer of concern UPM Kymmene (Finland), ARCTIC PAPER (Sweden, Poland) and LETEA (Romania). Assortment of offered production:
- Coated paper in sheets UPM Finesse, Arctic in weight 80-300 g/sqm.
- Offset paper in sheets Amber Graphic, Preprint, Munken, Kwidzyn in weight 60-240 g/sqm.
- Newsprint paper manufactured by «LETEA», JSC «Kama», Kwidzyn, Myszkow, JSC «Kondopoga» of formats of 42-168 sm, in weight 42-48,8 g/sqm.
- Rolled offset paper Amber Graphic, Kwidzyn of formats 60-90 sm, in weight 60-240 g/sqm.
- Rolled coated paper UPM Finesse, LWC and SC UPM Max, Cote, Satin.
- Kraft-paper manufactured by Russia.
- A paper for manufacture of a cardboard (fluting) marks ?1, ?2, ?3 in weight 90-160 g/sqm.