Energomontazh, Collective industrial enterprise

Technical director - Vyacheslav Andreevich Folomeev

Building and assembly jobs, engineering, design work in construction, starting-up and adjustment work, diagnostics at construction and reconstruction of thermal, industrial and atomic power stations, installation, replacement, reconstruction and technical diagnostics of the heat power equipment, pipelines of power stations, boiler-houses, industrial enterprises, heating systems, boilers and other vessels working under pressure.

Designing, installing and repair of the equipment of thermal power stations and industrial boiler-houses. Installation, repair and reconstruction of turbines, ancillary equipment of turbine buildings, boilers, pipelines of steam and hot water, internal and external gas mains, generators, transformers, electric motors, relay protection and automatics, control equipment, diesel engines and compressors, storage batteries, etc. Starting-up and adjustment jobs on the installed equipment.

Installation, repair and operation of objects of pipeline transportation (gas-and-oil producing industry). Manufacture and repair of main, technological and others pipelines (underground and ground), the equipment of objects of gas-and-oil producing industry.

Design and research work. Development of the design, technological, normative documentation, working drafts of performed jobs, operational instructions, engineering specifications, drawings, estimates.

Performance of the control of all kinds and methods (destructive and not destructive) of welded connections and the basic metal, the control of the installation works, the mounted equipment, definition of mechanical characteristics of welded connections, carrying out of diagnostics of power, load-lifting and other equipment, metal structures and pipelines; the entrance control of the power equipment.

Performance of all kinds of welding jobs. An anticorrosive covering, thermal insulation and flashing of all kinds of pipelines.

Building activity, prospecting and design work for construction, construction and repair of engineering and transport networks.

Research, design, experimental jobs on creation and introduction of new products, technologies, materials, machines, work in areas of electronics, industrial automation, mechanical engineering, light and food-processing industry, the chemical industry, standardization and metrology.

Designing, installation and maintenance service of means of fire-prevention protection and heating systems.