Agroholding Ltd

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    34 Sovhoznaya str., c. Hostomel, Irpin , Kyiv reg., 08290, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 223-85-51, 498-10-48
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You took the good crop of vegetables(purchased a large quantity of vegetables or fruits), and you want that it will be save in the most modern warehouses, with all necessary conditions of storage?
You need to make sorting and packaging of vegetables or fruit in a modern pack, which meet European standards and then to make delivery of finished products?
We will help you solve these problems!
«Agroholding» Ltd.- company of a complete cycle of production, works on the principle of «from the field - to the customer».
On own fields, from the selected seeds of world's famous companies, using the modern technologies, we grow natural , high-quality vegetables. The developed system of logistics, will allow the delivery of products from the fields to warehouse on the day of harvest.
«Agroholding» Ltd. owns a center of storage and pre-preparation of vegetables (Class A), which allows the simultaneous storage of 14 000 tonnes of vegetables or fruits. In its construction have been used the most modern European technology for the storage of fruits and vegetables. Modern system of storage (made in EC) provides a long and uninterrupted storage of vegetables. With the help of computer control equipment, the system creates and maintains the microclimate which accordance of conditions for long-term storage each type of vegetable or fruit.