Vatra, Joint venture corporation, Limited Liability Company

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    46, Mykulynecka str., c. Ternopil, 46005, Ukraine
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Chairman of the Board - V. Schyrenko

“Vatra” (Ternopil) is one of the most powerful manufacturers of modern lighting equipment not only in Ukraine but also in the CIS, and one of the biggest producers of starter-regulating devices in Europe. At present the company possesses the production capacities and intellectual potential which completely satisfy the interests of the national economy of the state and meet the demands of the people.

The company has won tenders for important state orders more than once, such as the lighting of the Olimpiade-80 and the National Palace of Culture “Ukraine”. The following important state objects has been illuminated:
- space-launch facilities in Baikonur;
- session halls in the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine;
- stadiums and sports areas in Tashkent, Budapest, Yerevan, Volgograd, Togliatti, Kyiv, Vladykavkaz, Krasnodar, Moscow, Tallinn, St. Petersburg, etc.

The items with “Vatra” mark are completely competitive among the lighting devices for industrial lighting, lamps and floodlights with metal halogen lamps with the high degree of protection in particular. The company is the only Ukrainian producer of explosion proof lamps for mines, transport lamps, and lamps for local illumination. The company possesses its own scientific-technical potential which ensures design, preparation of new equipment and production to be performed at high technical level.

The items are tested with our own testing facilities. The technological preparation of production, the design and manufacturing of tooling (casting moulds, press moulds, dies etc.) and special technological equipment are carried out by the company subdivisions.

Special technologic equipment is made by the subdivisions of the enterprise.
Production capacities of the enterprise make it possible to produce all necessary items for production activity.
Approximately 50 new items are designed and put in production annually. All certificate tests are made by the Ukrainian Lighting Engineering Institute. All products are certified in UkrSEPRO certification system and GOST certification system of Russia. The ballasts for the fluorescent lamps were certified by German VDE Institute in 1997, which guarantees high quality of the products.


“Vatra” develops and produces the following types of lighting equipment:

1.1 Industrial lighting devices (ld) with different sources of light for lighting of industrial areas with normal and hard conditions of environment. The main feature of these ld is high protection against water and dust, modern optic systems, high intensive light sources and built-in electric blocks.

1.2 Explosion-proof ld for the lighting of explosion-hasardous objects of gas, petrol, and chemical industries and coal mines with high explosion protection degrees 1ex and 2ex.

1.3 Floodlights
Mainly circle parabolic and cylinder parabolic floodlights for lighting of open and interior sport arenas allowing for color TV broadcasting, and a range of projectors with high intensive sources of light, high protection degree and modern design for the lighting of open areas and architectural objects.

1.4 Lamps for local lighting of metal processing tools.

1.5 Lamps for transport (lighting of subway cars, trolley buses, buses, diesel and electric trains)
The main requirement for these lamps is to work with fluorecsent lamps at low temperatures and with built-in starting devices.

1.6 Outdoor lighting - street and park highly-protected lamps with energy saving bulbs of modern design

1.7 Lamps for offices with fluorescent bulbs with modern optic systems

1.8 Indoor lighting - a wide range of lamps with different glass diffusers, crystals, artistic casting and modern lamps with low-voltage halogen lamps

1.9 Ballast for all types of fluorescent and high pressure discharge lamps of different capacities


- casting
production of castings from aluminum alloy AK12 GOST 1583-89 with high quality of surface of different artistic shapes

- machining
machining of aluminum castings on universal and special lathes, production of parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals

- plastic-metal and welding production
production of parts by the methods of deep drawing, stamping, welding in hydro-carbon and argon gas environment

- production of plastic tools

- electroplating and painting
painting of die-cast and other parts by common and powder paints, galvanizing chromium and gold platting

- assembling
assembling of lighting fixtures on assembling conveyers and individual working places

- tool production
production of cast moulds for stamping and machining, production of special equipment

- transport
delivery of products and materials within the company and beyond it


- design-technologic center with design dept., different technological bureaus, experimental and testing laboratories, dept. of designing of special equipment,
- “Technomash” plant – production of tooling and special equipment,
- quality department (testing laboratory, standardization and metrologic bureau).

Modern technologies and special facilities for nickel, gold plating and galvanizing are introduced by our company and ATOTECH company (Germany), and special hydraulic press Punch presses are introduced together with the Japanese company AMADA.

At present a comprehensive program of energy-saving illumination development for the year of 2000 is developed and being implemented. It includes the following:
- lamps with the fluorescent bulbs for public and office, industrial and home illumination,
- lamps with gas discharge bulbs for industrial objects, sport and open areas, mines etc.,
- ballasts for the fluorescent and gas discharge lamps.

The target of the Program is energy saving due to the use of the effective means of illumination. Its achievement is possible through the improvement of methods and means of illumination, namely:
- increasing efficiency and stabilization of luminous flux of light sources during their lifetime;
- design, production and use of lighting devices with more effective light distribution;
- stabilization of parameters of lighting devices during their operation time.

For the implementation of the Program, investment schemes are developed providing for technical re-equipment of the existing production facilities with introduction of new technologies and equipment.

The Company will consider all cooperation proposals.

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