Evpatoria aircraft repair plant State enterprise of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

  • Address:
    P.O.Box 35, c. Yevpatoriya, Autonomous Republic of Crimea , 97400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(06569) 2-66-36
  • Web-site:
Director - Victor V. Sheremeta

The scope of activity:
- all the schedule forms of aircraft maintenance An-12, An-24, An-26, An-32, Yak-42;
- maintenance as per forms TO-10000 and TO-20000 of aircraft Yak-42;
- re-equipment of aircraft An-12:
- for flights on international air-lines;
- for operations in civil aviation;
- for flights in area navigation system (B-RNAV);
- works on extension of specified and overhaul life and terms of service of aircraft.
- mid-life repair of aircraft Su-25;
- overhaul of aircraft units and equipment.