Ukrpol, The publishing firm

  • Address:
    2a, Promyslova str., c. Stryi, Lviv reg., 82400, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(03245) 4-23-63
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Director - Sergiy Kovalchuk

The publishing firm "Ukrpol" is one of the leaders among the printed matter producers in Ukraine. Since its foundation in 1995, thanks to constant modernization of its production and technical basis and its orientation at modern technologies, the firm has reached high quality level of production, publishing great editions in short terms. The individual approach to the needs of the clients, timely fulfillment of orders, reasonable prices and high quality of production make the firm a highly competitive, professional and reliable partner.
"Vydavnychyi Dim" is the main building, which began its functioning in the summer of 2004. In its workshops, occupying 4 sq. meters, work 130 highly qualified specialists.
The formation of the material and technical basis of the firm has always been directed at the equipment by famous western modern printing equipment producers.
High quality prepress, press and postpress operations are carried out with the help of modern machinery of the world - known companies that have been appreciated and accepted by specialists all over the world.
Thanks to its own auto-park the firm has an efficient system of the delivery of raw materials to the production area and the delivery of ready production to the clients.
The expansion of the geography of partner cooperation was allowed by setting up a number of representatives of Ukrpol in other cities of Ukraine . At present customers can establish and keep up contacts with the firm in Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Vinnytsia and Odessa.
After 10 years of its successful work the firm is appreciated by many customers and has established partner collaboration with famous Ukrainian alcohol and non-alcohol producers of drinks, food and pharmacy products, advertising agencies and the like.

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