Donetsk International Airport, Municipal Enterprise

  • Address:
    Airport, c. Donetsk, 83021, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 344-72-00, 344-72-55
  • Web-site:   
Director General - Valentin Vladimirovich Palamarchuk

Donetsk Airport is the enterprise with more than half century history. It was founded in 1933, and in our days the enterprise continues its dynamic development in terms of infrastructure expanding and improving quality of service.

UE "Donetsk International Airport" is one of the biggest air transportation companies in Ukraine. According to the level of passengers' traffic and capacity airport Donetsk consists in group of five leading airports of Ukraine. There are regular and charter flights under airport service which connect the Donetsk region with hubs in Ukraine, Russia, Eastern and Western Europe.

There are airlines basing in the Donetsk Airport such as "Donbassaero", "CABI", "ISD-Avia", "SCM-Aruba", "Challenge Aero".

There are airlines offices in the terminal and among them: "Aerosvit", "Ukrainian International Airlines", "Austrian Airlines", "Turkish Airlines", "Lufthanza", "UTAir", "Transaero".