ICEBERG, Private enterprise

  • Address:
    4, Vyrobnycha str., c. Dnipropetrovsk, 49127, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(056) 371-88-55, (0562) 36-67-85, 36-67-88
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Private enterprise "ICEBERG" works at the market from December, 1996. Since a small assortment, production capacities and production volumes were gradually grown; the joined and reliable collective of professionals was created. Presently a company occupies stable and considerable position at the market.

Basic direction activity of enterprise is the processing of fish and sea foods, trading fresh-frozen fish and products of own production.

A basic rate in development is done on the production of different groups of commodities: fish preserves, canned food, cold-smoking fish, hot smoking fish, salty fish, dried fish in a vacuum and gravimetric packing, packaged frozen fish.

Enterprise "Iceberg" is the importer of fresh-frozen fish. It allows to make the selection of the most high-quality raw material for a production and to define competition prices for the prepared products. Stability and reliability of company allow making relationships with foreign partners more durable and principal.

A production complex consists of production workshops, equipped with modern equipment, refrigeration chambers for storage of raw material and prepared products, laboratory employers of which make permanent control of high-quality indexes of producible products, park of motor transport, which allows realizing the timely supply of the products in trading networks.

Products are made on modern technologies with the use of high-quality ingredients. Smoking of fish is made only by a natural method, which allows imparting fish the special aroma and taste. The process of production takes place under intent attention of skilled specialists. The distinguishing features of products TM "Iceberg" are excellent taste and excellent quality.