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Director - O. Khmelev

Vital mission of Danila Zubitsky

"A man himself can do nothing. His work, his wishes and desires- everything will fail if there is no God's blessing"

In the history of every nation there are outstanding personalities, who are able to climb up the heights of spiritual life and to mark these heights. We have such a personality among us - this is Danila N. Zubitsky, the man of a great intellect and substantial knowledge. He is honest, unpretentious, and sympathetic to everybody around him. It seems that his personality eradiates goodness, tenderness and love to everything alive. This man is in love with nature, his work as he loves the process of creating, making grow. "Man can't be a creator without passionate love to the nature", - says Danila Zubitsky.

Since the very childhood his soul turned towards herbs and his heart reached for the people. And this beginning became the continuation, which has no end neither in his fifty, nor in his eighty. During years, decades he was studying the treasure of Ukraine -its soil. The soil which gives life, grass and flowers. He picked them up in the Carpathian valleys, Kherson steppes and the Crimean mountains. Folk healer Zubitsky's life paths ran across many towns and villages of Ukraine. Danila Zubitsky dreamt to create folk medicine of Ukrainian soil. And he has created. Today its height is 'The folk medicine of Danila Zubitsky".

The folk medicine of Danila Zubitsky" - this is the result of more than half of a century's work of a real healer. These are his observation upon sick people, meditation, everyday notes, and intercourse with herbal world-paragon. These are his scientific research and development, findings and disappointments, doubts, victories - everything the soul of this unique professional is living for.

The folk medicine of Danila Zubitsky" - this is the work of the gifted man, who has brought up, borne, as a mother her child, a unique phytocomplex with a modern laboratory, manufacturing shop and folk remedies drugstore. The building of the sole in Ukraine and beyond it phytoclinic is completed.

The folk medicine of Danila Zubitsky" - this is a large net of drugstores in every corner of Ukraine and students-disciples united in the fraternity of folk healers under Zubilsky's guidance.

The folk medicine of Danila Zubitsky" - this is the acquirement of all Ukrainian people, the noble gift to nation.

Remedies, manufactured here are verily the pride of Ukraine and salvation for many sick people. The enterprise, where industrious, responsible, respectable people work, is headed by phytotherapeutics by vocation, manful and clever Danila Zubitsky. He attracts everybody by his unordinarity, generosity of his soul and Nobleness. Known in the whole Ukraine and beyond it, he makes light of his glory, manifesting natural modesty and nonrespecting any poseurity.

Everything he has made and makes now he is making for the welfare of the people since he has chosen clear way - selfless service to the people." It is necessary to be good to people. To help a poor man is our duty, to help a hungry man - is humanity, and to help a seriously sick man is a mission" - Danila Zubitsky teachers us.

Realizing great cause he is always with the people since his vital mission is to live for she people. And his grandeur is in this.

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Duo, mens valentudoque bone, homini sunt bona Mind and good health - are two treasures of a man. the man's wealth is his health.

Unfortunately our health is not unchanged but calls for constant attention over the course of man's life. When I remember my father and grandfather Grigor, who knew everything about herbs, I feel very much obliged to them for the adopted knowledge. Today I have no right to reject all achievements of predecessors. It is obvious that phytotherapeutics is my destiny.

The folk medicine is the inexhaustible source a peculiar folklore, where lots of treasures may be collected. Efficiency of the phytotherapeutics is due to a great generality of human organism and herb's cells, biochemical processes, intervening and final products of metabolism. For millenniums the herbs were the main food and so became habitual for physiology. But we have no right to reject the official medicine. Phytotherapeutics and scientific medicine must supplement each other. Everything that helps man to overcome his disease ought to be used and nobody has any right to neglect it.

It is a constant examination for the doctor - to treat a man. But every human organism is inimitable, so only supervision gives opportunity to make successful use of acquired knowledge. Natural herb has all alive connections with astral body. Lifeless herb, as a dead body, can not give what animate nature gives. My medicine is made from freshly pinched up herbs growing in ecologically safe regions of Ukraine. In process of medicine preparation I try first of all to ascertain the cause of this or another disease and, reasoning from it, to define what kind of herbs may influence human organism and normalize its function. I am investigating how herbs may be properly used to preserve their medicinal qualities to help not to harm a man. This is a tedious work which demands time and effort.

Efficiency of phyto-medicine is proved by my practice and the usage of herbs for struggle against diseases. They are not harmful for a sick man, do not cause side effects and allergy. It is very important especially during prolonged treatment.

Every day my scientific investigations are increasing and are complemented by the new developments. Therefore a set of new treating remedies developed recently is included to the collection of recipes.

Today 185 treating remedies are presented in a new book "The folk medicine of Danla Zubitsky", where the main symptoms of a disease and its origin are illustrated. Prescriptions with due regard of age, disease character, remedies use, the form of manufacturing and the term of storage are given. Treating remedies descriptions arc given in a simple form. The book has a thesaurus on disease groups where you can find this or another herbal remedy without any assistance (however consultation of a doctor-phytotherapeutics, who is working in the drugstore, is recommended for the more correct prescription of a medicine). Treating remedies are listed alphabetically, the Latin appelation is given.

The Faith In The Treatment

Come to my drugstore with the faith in the treatment. If you don't believe that we can help you, you better don't come. It is necessary to hope, to have faith, and the treatment will give you relief.

The God has given to the man the medicine I'm treating by, the herbs. With the faith in the power of nature, God's blessing, medicinal mighty of the herbs. If your disease has forced you to come to my drugstore, you must first of all believe, that you are able to get well with the help of phyto-treatment.

My medicine is the drops. They are delicate and easily assimilated. They are not harmful, they only help to strengthen your body. And your body is tightly connected with the soul, so we must care not only about physical, but also mental health.

Being on the Earth and healing people, the Lord always said: "Do believe and you'll get relief, "Your faith will save you". So it is necessary to believe in the help, to believe in my medicine. It often happens that you feel lost, don't know where to go. Just wait. Don't make quick decisions - let your heart prompt you. Don't do the things you don't want to do. This has been verified by many human examples.

If you have decided to apply for a surgery - do not lose your hope. You must believe, that you will get the help, you will escape torments, pain, death. Believing in it, will make it much easier to you to give yourself to the hands of the surgeon. May the Lord help the doctor do his best.

Do so not only when it comes to the treatment, but also in your everyday life.

If you want to have a friend, believe that he is kind, brave and will be able to be your friend. If you are not sure or hesitate, better leave him.

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