Certification Centre of Instrumentation and Control System

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    1, Proskury str., c. Kharkiv, 61070, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 760-38-61, 760-39-72
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Guideline of enterprise activity:
- Certification of: software, electronic and electrotechnical production, information and control systems for Nuclear power plant, space and medical technics and technics of common industrial, the radiometric and a radiation control equipment, ionizing radiation sources, etc. according to the - Certificates of accreditation №UA.P.078 and №UA.PN.078.3.
- Performance of certification, preliminary, acceptance, qualification, acceptance, periodic and standard tests on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, reliability, radiation resistance, vibration strength and seismic stability of production.
- Performance of certification tests of I&C (information and control) systems software for NPP and of common industrial application systems on normative documentation and functional safety requirements compliance
- Certification of quality management systems on conformity to requirements of Ukraine State standard ISO 9001:2009
- Examination of technical documentation on normative documentation requirements conformity
- Development of performance and requirements specifications projects.
- Rated estimation of radiation resistance, reliability, vibration strength and seismic stability of production.
- An estimation of cable production resources.
- Development of the normative documentation on the basic activity guidelines
- Development of the software. Development of the integrated tool environment for support of expertise and independent verification of critical I&C systems software. Additional materials you can find here
- Software and I&C systems projects management;
- Raising of experts professional skill in the field of software products development (normative base and up-to-date design methods)