Donetsk PromstroyNIIproekt Research and Design Institute

  • Address:
    145a, Artema str., c. Donetsk, 83015, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(062) 311-60-59, 381-33-66, (0622) 311-24-65
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Director - Stanislav Malikov

Research and Design Institute “Donetsk PromstroyNIIproekt” – subsidiary company of the State Joint Stock Company “Construction Company “Ukrbud”.

The Institute is a leading research organization operating in the field of construction on the territories effected by mining works which develops and checks industrial development designs developed in Donetsk ans Lugansk Regions.

The Institute has 7 research departments, 1 peripheral scientific-research laboratory and 11 design and design - survey departments. The total number of employers is 468. 4 full members and 5 corresponding members of the Ukrainian Academy of Construction, 1 Doctor and 18 Candidates of Engineering Science work for the Institute. It is completely equipped with up-to-date computer facilities for wide implementation of IT technologies during the process. Computer network operates within the Institute.

The Institute has been established fruitful cooperation with leading research and design organizations in Ukraine: NIISK, KievZNIIep, NIISP, UkrNIMI, the Institute of Industrial Economics of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Dombassgrazhdanproekt, Kharkiv PromstroyNIIproekt, Giprokoks, Giprostal, Ukrgipromez, Azovgipromez, etc.
It is also has good relations with Russian institutions, such as: TSNIISK named after Kucherenko, NIIZhB, NIIOSP named after Gersivanova, TSNIIpromzdaniy, NIIPM, etc.